Why a Write Off?

Attempt at light writing.The Great Write Off in Michigan was originally a concept dreamed up by the folks at Dzanc Books, although they called it a Write-A-Thon. A little friendly competition can be motivating, so this year six non-profit organizations have joined forces, and we’ll see who can bring in the most support, although of course everyone’s a winner because this fundraiser pays writers to be doing something they’d like to do anyway: write. From now through October 5, check back for tips of getting started writing, to see which

of your favorite writers have joined which teams, and for special features like pictures of writers’ spaces, and excerpts from works in progress.

Anyone can participate in The Great Write Off—whether you’ve been working on a novel for years, or are scribbling your first short story; whether you’re a secret poet who writes for herself or you need some motivation for a creative writing class—all we ask is that you use this opportunity to create something you care about, and that you help out one of the six organizations in the sidebar to your right by getting them the money they need to continue their important work supporting writers in our community.

Most often, writing happens in private: there’s a reason there is not a reality show about writers (yet!). The Great Write Off hopes to move a little bit of that private process to this public, digital space. Please comment on posts and let us know how you’re doing! If you’d like to write a blog post about participating in the fundraiser or your progress so far, please let use know! We would love to hear from you: email charlotte (at) fictionwritersreview (dot) com.

Thank you for writing!