The 2013 Great Write Off

GWO Typewriter Welcome back! We hope you’re each having a good Labor Day Weekend. As the summer winds up and school heads back into session, we’re excited to announce the second-annual Great Write Off. Last year Fiction Writers Review and its partner organizations raised nearly $30,000 during the inaugural fundraiser in support of the work these literary non-profit organizations do to help nurture the next generation of writers. And we hope to exceed those number this year!

This year the write-a-thon will take place from September 23-30. We hope you’ll join us!

Like last year, The Great Write off will take place during the week leading up to The State of the Book literary symposium in Ann Arbor. And once again, we’ll be joining forces with 826michigan, Dzanc Books, the National Writers Series, and the Neutral Zone.

Because a little friendly competition is always motivating, we’ll see who can bring in the most support this year. In 2012 the bragging rights went to FWR, who raised nearly $15,000. We’ll see if they can stay on top again…

Though of course everyone’s a winner here because this fundraiser pays writers to be doing something they’d like to do anyway: write. From now through the end of September, check in to see the progress of your favorite teams, what writers have joined the cause, and more.

Anyone can participate in The Great Write Off. Whether you’ve been working on a novel for years or are scribbling your first short story, whether you’re a secret poet who writes for herself or you need some motivation for a creative writing class, all we ask is that you use this opportunity to create something you care about, and that you help out one of the organizations in the sidebar to your right by getting them the money they need to continue their important work supporting writers in our community.

In the meantime, check out photos and blog posts from last year’s event:

Jeremiah Chamberlin, Publisher
Fiction Writers Review