Q: Can anyone participate in The Great Write Off?

A: Yes! If you like to write, you can sign up, either as an individual writer or as part of a team. Children and teens are welcome to participate as well.

Q: Is this a Michigan-only fundraiser?

A: It is Michigan-focused, in that the participating non-profit organizations all work in Michigan. But although The Great Write Off benefits Michigan non-profits, anyone can donate and anyone can participate. The great advantage of the digital nature of the fundraiser is that people from anywhere in the world can write and contribute!

Q: How can I sign up to participate?

A: Please choose a team on the “Meet the Teams” page and follow the instructions to sign up.

Q: What percentage of my donation will go to the organization I support?

A: That depends on the organization, but close to 100% in all cases. Some orgs are using third-party software to facilitate transactions, and it takes a small cut, but the labor to create this website and The Great Write Off promotional materials was donated, so your donation is not paying for any administrative overhead in that way.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: Yes! All participating organizations areĀ 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. As such, your donation should be tax-exempt under the normal parameters of this designation. Please check with individual organizers if you have questions