FUNDRAISER: The Great Write Off

Preceding the 2013 State of the Book celebration, Fiction Writers Review and its partner organizations will once again compete in “The Great Write Off,” a five-day write-a-thon that will take place from September 23-27. This friendly fundraising competition will encourage each of the organizations to bring together the most writers, to write the most pages, and to raise the most money. Think walk-a-thon, but with writing.

Each organization will recruit writers to write on their behalf (either solo or on teams), and all funds pledged on behalf of those individuals and teams will go to their sponsoring organizations. The public will also be welcome to join or to create teams on behalf of one of these charities.

And in 2012 these collaborative efforts produced real results: in addition to the hundreds of new poems, stories, essays, and the beginnings of novels, screenplays, and plays that were generated during the write-a-thon, the six participating non-profit organizations raised nearly $30,000 in donations from hundreds of supporters across the country.

Writers also came together in person. More than 100 writers spent part of each day in Espresso Royale Cafe in Ann Arbor from October 3-5 as part of The Great Write Off. Some wrote in notebooks, some on computers; some wrote with pen, others with pencil. But the hit of the event (other than working on one of the six typewriters donated by literary journal harlequin creature) had to be the visit from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and former Poet Laureate of the United States, Philip Levine, who stopped by to check out the goings on.

Philip Levine with Meghan Forbes, editor of Harlequin Creature

Philip Levine with Meghan Forbes, editor of Harlequin Creature

Yet wherever writers are writing–in Ann Arbor, across Michigan, or somewhere outside the state–we hope that The Great Write Off will once again foster a sense of real fellowship. After all, writing is a largely solitary act. Yet during these five days it will once again become a fun, collaborative project. Like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), The Great Write Off inspires writers of all ages to be a part of something larger than themselves.

For more photos and a write-up on last year’s event, check out these posts from 2012’s fundraiser:

Jeremiah Chamberlin, Publisher
Fiction Writers Review